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STYLING INSPO: Floral Installations

Styling Inspo - Floral Installations, Blue Willow Weddings

It's no secret we LOVE a focal floral installation here at Blue Willow...

Large scale installs deliver such impact, allowing for you to keep your venue design minimal. Allocating a large portion of your floral budget to a feature installation will always pay dividends - leaving your guests in complete awe. 

There are serious mechanics behind installations for floral designers, but the challenge is always worth it to see such unique creations come to life. We would love to talk about how we can create something amazing for your special occasion!

Take a look at some of our favourite installations across on our official Pinterest, here: 

STYLIST HINT: Charger Plates

Another of our favourite additions to any tablescape is a beautiful charger plate. What exactly is a charger plate you may ask? Well, it is a plate that sits underneath where your dinner plate would sit - an uber stylish placemat if you will. 

Whether alternate drop or a feasting menu, the addition of a charger plate to your table setting will ensure your reception space feels polished, chic and full. 

Speaking of expense, these beauties can vary in price dependant on the material of the plate itself, but with the right supplier can make a very minimal difference in your overall budget - with maximum results.

We would recommend the use of a charger plate for any occasion, particularly those with an alternate drop menu where dinner plates are not physically set. The addition of a charger really makes a difference in this instance, and will provide something for your guests additional place setting items such as napkins, stationery and bomboniere to accompany. 

Here is a little collection of some styled charger plate settings we love...