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STYLING INSPO: Floral Installations

Styling Inspo - Floral Installations, Blue Willow Weddings

It's no secret we LOVE a focal floral installation here at Blue Willow...

Large scale installs deliver such impact, allowing for you to keep your venue design minimal. Allocating a large portion of your floral budget to a feature installation will always pay dividends - leaving your guests in complete awe. 

There are serious mechanics behind installations for floral designers, but the challenge is always worth it to see such unique creations come to life. We would love to talk about how we can create something amazing for your special occasion!

Take a look at some of our favourite installations across on our official Pinterest, here: 

STYLIST HINT: Stationery

Stationery is a key component to a well planned wedding. From the initial invitation, through to the menus - your stationery has the ability to identify the visual and emotional aesthetic of your day.

Many couples today feel that stationery is both an expensive, unnecessary component to a wedding - but just like any product, a little bit of research goes a long way. This includes exploring suppliers who may not usually be known for wedding or event stationery - you'll be surprised at the potential of many local suppliers if you ask the question!

Likewise, Blue Willow is able to assist in designing any of your event stationery and have a local printing partner who can produce everything from your place cards to your seating plan at a very competitive rate.

This is really important, as the placement of stationery throughout your wedding day can take your event from saying 'it's pretty' to a well rounded, well planned and perfectly executed occasion. 

A menu and place card per setting is a particularly effective way of making a tablescape appear full and impeccably organised. 

For those stationery lovers out there, a hand written calligraphy set is a beautifully personalised and timeless touch, as well as a personal favourite of Blue Willows.

In case you still needed some convincing, take a look at these gorgeous stationery designs we've come across in our research and I'm sure you'll agree - it really shouldn't be such a non negotiable.

STYLIST HINT: Candlelight

Both a simplistic and cheap way to add oodles of elegance and a definite ambience to your Wedding is candlelight. Whether you create a river of candles for a simple centre peice, or a scattered approach to elegantly outline your aisle - candles are a must here at Blue Willow.

Motives, tealight - whatever the shape, the more the merrier! Candlelight has a beautiful way of masking harshness in a setting and when used on a large scale will make the starkest room feel warm, welcoming and full of emotion.

Not to mention, candles are one of the elements to your Weddings styling that you are able to use after you special day has come and gone.

To discuss how candlelight can make the perfect styling focus or addition to your current vision feel free to get in touch.

See more candlelight love below...