LOVE LETTERS: What others have to say...

We really do feel like the luckiest team in the world - the couples we've met, the families we've gotten to know, the moments we've laughed together and the moments we've cried together - there are so many memories made. 

We wanted to share with you what our Bride's remember most about us as well...

"Annie was our first point of call before we even decided on a wedding venue. I needed someone who got our vision and could make it all happen.
She was so honest and helpful when it came to decision making. She let us throw crazy ideas at her and she would happily make changes and also let us know if something wasn’t going to work.
Annie and her team are a one stop shop and made the whole planning and coordination process so much easier with them managing it all. We trusted her opinions and her suppliers and everything came together so so perfectly! It was even better than I had ever dreamed and that’s pretty tough to beat.
If I can give one piece of advice it would be to just chat to Annie and she will change your wedding planning life!"
- Mr & Mrs Capeness