LOVE LETTERS: What others have to say

We really do feel like the luckiest team in the world - the couples we've met, the families we've gotten to know, the moments we've laughed together and the moments we've cried together - there are so many memories made. 

We wanted to share with you what our Bride's remember most about us as well...

“In all honesty, I hadn’t even considered hiring a Wedding Planner/Stylist prior to speaking with Annie.  I am a self-confessed control freak who lives by the 'if you want something done right, do it yourself' motto.  Oh how wrong I was.  Having Annie assist in the planning of the wedding was the best decision that my now husband and I made.  At our first meeting, Annie and I discussed my 'vision', and I described to her in brief what style of wedding I was aiming for.  Within hours, Annie was sending me photos of things that I had already pinned to my wedding Pinterest board – she just totally understood what was going on in my head, even when I admittedly didn’t have a clear vision myself. 

Whilst it was such a pleasure spending the lead up to our wedding with Annie, as she is a truly lovely and fun loving person; the absolute best part of having Annie involved in our wedding was the wedding day itself.  Annie arrived at our venue hours before myself and the bridesmaids arrived to start getting ready.  I walked into a nearly finished reception room that at that point of the morning already looked breathtaking.  Annie worked tirelessly throughout the day to make our ceremony and reception spaces look phenomenal.  When the slightest of problems arose, I either wasn’t informed about it and Annie solved it with her own initiative, or Annie calmly gave me options of how to resolve the problem. 

As I am a particularly anxious person, this alone was priceless. It meant that I was able to have the most stress free day with my bridesmaids and my Mum, and at 3pm when I was ready to walk down the aisle I was relaxed (or as relaxed as I could be!) and ready to take in the day.  I look back on our day now, and think about how different it would have been without Annie.  I dread to think how tired, stressed and just over it I would have been if she hadn’t been there deflecting anything that came our way (which I will tell you, it will, no matter how organised you think you are!).  If you are considering asking Blue Willow and the beautiful Annie to be part of your day – stop considering it and just do it.  Being able to enjoy your day stress free whilst basking in your spectacularly styled event – it’s just priceless.”
– Molly Beck
"I have to be honest with you, the thought of planning my own wedding didn't exactly excite me. I felt completely overwhelmed and daunted by the task. I mean how are you meant to plan 'the biggest day of your life' when you've never done it before. So when a close friend suggested we contact Annie, we jumped at the opportunity and it was the best decision we ever made. 
Annie is unbelievable. She worked so hard before and on the day to ensure our wedding was perfect. I felt so relaxed knowing that Annie had everything under control. We didn't want our wedding to look like any other wedding, we wanted it to reflect who we were and the photos speak for themselves. Annie personalises each wedding to suit the couple and everyone commented on how 'us' our wedding was, which was all we wanted. Annie is an absolute delight and I would recommend Blue Willow to any engaged couple. Thank you so much Annie from the bottom of our hearts."
- Sarah Herbert
"Annie helped me with styling for my wedding and was an absolute angel. I don't know what I would have done without her. She had so many suggestions and made sure that everything was absolutely perfect on the day. Her ideas and creativity well and truly made an impact on my guests as they all commented on how beautiful and romantic our reception venue was. Thanks to Annie my wedding day was easy and stress free.
I would recommend her to any future brides or anyone needing and help with event planning. She has a beautiful personality and is sure to add a touch of class to any event."
- Danni Conway

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