STYLIST HINT: Candlelight

Both a simplistic and cheap way to add oodles of elegance and a definite ambience to your Wedding is candlelight. Whether you create a river of candles for a simple centre peice, or a scattered approach to elegantly outline your aisle - candles are a must here at Blue Willow.

Motives, tealight - whatever the shape, the more the merrier! Candlelight has a beautiful way of masking harshness in a setting and when used on a large scale will make the starkest room feel warm, welcoming and full of emotion.

Not to mention, candles are one of the elements to your Weddings styling that you are able to use after you special day has come and gone.

To discuss how candlelight can make the perfect styling focus or addition to your current vision feel free to get in touch.

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