Why Do I Need a Planner?

This question is one I hear often, and one I have even asked myself when planning my own wedding.

The answer is simple - are you organised but not very creative? Or are you creative but not very organised?  Or perhaps you are an equal amount of these things but would like to enjoy to lead up to your special event? An event planner and stylist will make this balancing act a lot easier and more enjoyable! They will dedicate themselves to bringing your vision to life. They will co-oridante what is needed to execute your vision, and more often than not organise things you didn't even realised you required.

Lets face it, planning a wedding or special event can become a full time job - on top of your day job, being a parent, partner, dog walker, friend, gym member, cook and socilaite. By the time you discuss and decide on a venue, menu, flowers, seating arrangements, stationery, table formations, beverages, guests gifts, dress codes, entertainment, guest speakers, transport, budgets, lighting, RSVP's, where and how you would like your napkins placed, what flavour you would like your cake, what topper you'd like on your cake, ganache or buttercream... where has the enjoyment gone?

At Blue Willow it is our role to work with you on a level that you are comfortable with - whether you be a crafty do-it-yourself couple or even an interstate client, we co-ordinate your requirements on the ground - allowing you to enjoy your event in its entirity. Regardless of your ideologies, we bring a fresh and enthusiastic approach to your preferances and dedicate our reputation to delivering for you throughout the planning and implementation of your special occasion.

That sounds great, but I have a tight budget!

As experienced personel we know what a fair quotation or a necessary requirement for your event is. We can identify which elements and costs are required for you to bring your ideal event to life, and what isn't - allowing you to place those pennies back into your budget!

Our industry connections will also allow you to save in a number of areas particularly when hiring  suppliers. As we collaborate with these vendors regularly, we are able to pass these savings onto you.

Our services are also delivered on varying levels of involvement and subsequently varying costs. Whether you require assistance on the day of your wedding to make sure all of your suppliers and decor for your day is placed correctly so that you are able to sip champagne with your maids and enjoy your wedding morning - we can help you. If you need a little more guidance with your colour scheme or theme and how to translate this tastefully into your event - we can help you. If you need a second opinion on the various decisions you will make throughout the process of planning - we can help. 

We can assure you that the money you save through our recommendations, referrals and assistance in coordinating your day,  our fees won't only be justified but also a viable additional expense in your events budget.